We are an Icelandic and Danish company that is specialized in marketing and website creation.

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Mastro is where marketing acumen meets design expertise. We're a family of creators driven by the passion to learn and excel, fueling our quest to craft and elevate iconic brands. Our expertise extends beyond mere concepts, bringing them to life through strategic planning and the latest in marketing technologies.

What is Mastro leads ? Mastro Leads is our cutting-edge software designed to transform client engagement and optimize campaign management. Leveraging over ten years of industry experience, our platform elevates team performance, enhances agency services, and accelerates client outcomes. It automates lead management, enriches communication, and sharpens analytics. With Mastro Leads, your message resonates clearly, comprehensively, and compellingly. It's the keystone of your marketing revolution, fueling progress with smart innovation.



2023-Today BETA testing our Jarva Ai software | Mastro Agency - Denmark

2023-Today Building automation software | Mastro Agency - Denmark

2022-Today Expanded Mastro Agency to Denmark | Mastro Agency - Denmark

2022-Today Developing the AI Marketing Software - Jarva | Mastro

2016-2022 Marketing and Client Strategy | Mastro Agency - Iceland

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